• Leadership Development
  • Customized Training/Consulting
  • Group Process Facilitation
  • Web Site Development
  • Survey Design and Data Analysis

Call us: 501.623.7700
Call Us: 501.623.7700


Leadership Institute for Tomorrow

What is LIFT?

  • DVR’s career development and succession planning program
  • LIFT’s philosophy is designed to balance organizational needs with individual career growth opportunities
  • Addresses opportunities for all DVR employees who choose to participate, not just prospective managers


  • To assure continued growth, advancement, and job satisfaction for DVR employees at all levels
  • To provide the agency with a reliable supply of well-trained, highly qualified staff to provide the most effective services to New Mexicans with disabilities

LIFT – what’s in it for me?

  • Opportunity to gain leadership skills and confidence through experience
  • Showcase skills and accomplishments
  • A systematic approach to career development

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