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Call Us: 501.623.7700

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Texas DRS Leadership Academy

The curriculum for the leadership program was created for the Texas Department of Assistive and Rehabilitative Services, Division of Rehabilitation Services is to develop the available talent pool within the agency, promote a learning culture and develop networks of future leaders. This program is designed to be completed in an eighteen month period, with six training sessions, field assignments, a personal development plan and a final project. On-going coaching will be provided to participants throughout the length of the program.

Selection Process:

Enrollment should be limited to 25 participants who are interested in exploring their potential for leadership and management roles. Some factors to be considered to establish selection criteria for participation in this program include:

  • Projected tenure with the organization should be at least five years
  • Should have completed all required new employee training
  • Must receive satisfactory performance reviews
  • Encourage diverse representation (Race, ethnicity, gender, geographic regions and multiple organizational perspectives)
  • Likelihood that learning will be applied based on applicant’s statement of intent
  • Recommendation/sponsorship by supervisor or other DRS Manager.

Senior management of TX DRS will determine criteria and make the selection of candidates to participate in the leadership development program. A formal application including short essay questions is encouraged.

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