LeadVR - Cohort 2 - Sessions 1-8
January 25 - August 23, 2022

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Mid-level managers of vocational rehabilitation agencies are charged with managing program operations, creating buy-in for agency policies and procedures, engaging with internal and external stakeholders, and managing significant fiscal and human resources. They have a responsibility of providing leadership that is forward-looking, innovative, and responsive. Their positions carry substantial leadership responsibility; however, many incumbents have limited experience for the role. Being strategic in leadership and adapting to meet the challenges and opportunities of VR are increasing demands for mid-level managers.

LeadVR addresses the challenge: LeadVR is Leadership that Empowers, holds self and others Accountable and provides opportunities for Development. Held once a month over eight months, LeadVR is a series of live, interactive online training and professional development modules for aspiring frontline workers and mid-level managers. Each session in LeadVR offers rehabilitation participants the opportunity to explore the current and future face of VR leadership and organizational change.

Session 1: Leadership Styles & 360 Degree Assessment

Session 2: Major Issues, Trends, and Opportunities In VR

Session 3: ABCs of Inclusion

Session 4: Group Dynamics & Communication

Session 5: Management, Leadership, Productivity & Performance

Session 6: Organizational Change

Session 7: Transformation

Session 8: Presentations and Graduation


  • Cost: $1500 per participant
  • CRC: 4 CRC Credits (General) Per Session

LeadVR Session Descriptions