January 26 - July 27, 2021

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LeadVR empowers vocational rehabilitation professionals to address the critical issues necessary
for leadership and management of VR:

  • Increases awareness of major opportunities and challenges, fiscal responsibility, & employer engagement,
  • Increases understanding of the supervisory role in building internal & external coalitions, & in implementing & advocating for change,
  • Opportunities for networking, sharing ideas and learning best practices with colleagues from around the nation,
  • Develops skills in change management & increase understanding of personal leadership styles.

Participants also receive professional coaching and participate in developing projects that address critical organizational issues. CRC Credit is also available.

Class Sessions will meet monthly. Each session is 4 hours.

Session 1: Leadership Styles & 360 Assessment: What is your leadership style and why does it matter? This focused training allows
participants to gain a basic understanding of how personality and leadership assessments play out in real world work settings.

Session 2: ABCs of Inclusion: Each of us has a responsibility of developing and supporting inclusive work environments, including
building our own awareness, understanding the impact of bias, and the role of civility in developing better relationships with coworkers
and consumers.

Session 3: Management, Leadership, Productivity & Performance: Leaders create vision, develop strategy and inspire employees.
Management gets buy-in for decisions and executes strategies. In our ever-evolving virtual work environments, understanding the
challenges of both is important.

Session 4: Major Issues and Opportunities Facing VR: VR professionals are expected to excel in the provision of exemplary business
engagement practices and understand the importance of performance measurement tools and processes, while being accountable to
internal and external constituents. Recognize & address barriers to success.

Session 5: Group Dynamics and Communication: Every workplace can foster collaboration by promoting cooperative goals and
building trust. As employees and future leaders, we strengthen others by sharing information and power, while setting an example
by acting in ways consistent with our values, recognizing individual contributions to the success of every project, and celebrating
team accomplishments regularly.

Session 6: Policies, Fiscal Governance and Organizational Change: This session turns to a discussion of how policies, fiscal governance
and bureaucracy impact agency culture and the ability to navigate organizational change. What’s at stake?

Session 7: Transformation: Participants shift their focus to the future, integrating Vision 2020’s four principals of innovating
solutions, building careers and retaining talent, customizing services and expertise, and leading and engaging in collaborative

LeadVR Advisory Board:

  • John Connelly, CSAVR
  • Dave Doukas, Connecticut Bureau of Rehabilitation Services
  • Allison Flanagan, Florida DOE, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Dacia Johnson, Oregon Commission for the Blind
  • Cassondra Williams, Arkansas Division of Services for the Blind

LeadVR Faculty:

  • Dr. Susan Flowers Benton, SUBR
  • John Connelly, CSAVR
  • Robin Freeman, UA CURRENTS
  • Dr. Claretha Hughes, UARK
  • Veronica Jackson, UA CURRENTS
  • Christy Lamas, ARS
  • David Leon, Virginia DARS

LeadVR provides the critical skills needed for new and aspiring supervisors and management team members to achieve success, improve motivation and staff cohesion and improve organizational performance.

For more information, contact Robin Freemant 501-722-8089 or rfreeman@uacurrents.org.