Writing Vocational Evaluation Reports
September 28 - 30, 2021

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Description: Vocational evaluators write vocational evaluation (VE) reports. This one simple statement represents an on-going challenge to the profession. VE reports document the services provided, are used to plan rehabilitation services, serve as evidence in a civil suit, are required for billing, and the list continues. Both new and experienced VEs wrestle with the best ways to present information that is accurate and fair for the client; the referring counselor, attorney, or agency; and others. What constitutes a useful VE report? How are cultural, linguistic, ethnic, and other personal information addressed? How to write recommendations that are useful? What are the ethical implications of VE reports? These and other questions about report writing will be addressed in this workshop. Some tips about preparation, organization, inclusion of quotes, pictures, tables and so on will be included. Writing samples from actual VE reports will be critiqued. As a way to organize the presentation, the International Certified Vocational Evaluator (ICVE) Evaluation Rubric will be presented as a heuristic. This rubric is used to evaluate applicants for the ICVE (for information see https://cvrp.ca/applicant-icve-application-process/) and as an international guide offers a standard of excellence in report writing. Participants will learn to:

  • Discuss reasons for writing VE reports and the ethical considerations
  • Compare and contrast three orientations of VE report writing
  • Apply the ICVE Evaluation Rubric
  • Critique VE reports of participant and others.

Presenter:  Steven R. Sligar

Date/Time: September 28, 29, 30 @ 10:00 until 11:15 Central

Bio: Steven R. Sligar, EdD, CVE,PVE is professor emeritus from East Carolina University (ECU). He was the coordinator of ECU’s graduate Certificate Program in Vocational Evaluation for 17 years. He has over 45 years of field experience in vocational rehabilitation and this includes work with persons who were deaf and/or blind. He has a Masters in Rehabilitation and Special Education with a specialization in vocational evaluation from Auburn University and Doctorate in Adult Education and Human Resource Development from Northern Illinois University. He has 48 publications and conducted over 250 national presentations in the areas of vocational evaluation, deafness, and administration. Currently, he serves as on the editorial review boards of the Vocational Evaluation and Career Assessment Professionals Journal and the Journal of Rehabilitation.

3 CRC Hours (General)

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